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The Classical Kinesiology Institute
(formerly MESK)
The Classical Kinesiology Institute delivers high quality vocational training in the UK, incorporating best practice and current developing National Occupational Standards in kinesiology.


The Kinesiology Federation of UK
The Kinesiology Federation of UK aims to offer information and support whether you are a practising therapist, or a prospective client or student of kinesiology.

We serve the public by putting them in touch with local practitioners and assuring them of high standards of competence.


British Manual Lymph Drainage Association
The BMLDA has currently approximately 50 members from around 12 different training establishments. The main focus for the present time is to form the British Standards for Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy and treatment.

The principal aim of the BMLDA is to bring all the different philosophies, practices and techniques of MLD together.


The British Lymphology Society
The British Lymphology Society (BLS) is a multi-disciplinary group of health care professionals and other interested parties directly involved in the management of lymphoedema or interested in furthering the work of the Society.

The main objectives of BLS are to promote awareness of lymphoedema and to establish standards of treatment and long term management of this condition.


Lymphedema Zone
This site contains quality information on Lymphedema certification and supplies.


Association of Reflexologists
The AoR is a member of the Reflexology in Europe Network and the International Council for Reflexologists and provides up-to-date information on reflexology worldwide.


The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA)
The IFPA promotes the highest standards of training and conduct for the care and protection of the public, in addition to much improved benefits to Practitioners at all levels.


The Institute of Phytobiophysics
The Institute is a world wide organization dedicated to healing the complex spiritual and emotional health problems of modern society. Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas form a vital bridge between us and the many emotional traumas and tragedies of today's life.


Meridian Associates
Meridian Associates are scientists who are interested in researching and applying non-invasive strategies for promoting health.


The Radionic Association of the UK
The Radionic Association is the leading organisation for the training of Radionic healers, and also acts as their professional body.



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