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Nature's antidote to modern life

What is Phytobiophysics?

The core scientific concept is that phytobiophysics harnesses the vibration energy of plants to release energy blocks in the human body so that balance is re-established for all levels of consciousness; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

The Flower Formulas are based on the science of phytobiophysics, which has been researched and documented over the past 20 years by Professor Dame Diana Mossop.

Stress, disease and viruses also vibrate on frequencies that bring disturbance to the healthy, balanced life flows within the body. To combat this imbalance, Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas create energy harmonisation because each formula is designed to resonate on a very specific frequency. Introducing the Flower Formulas with the correct frequency creates immediate action to remove the energy blocks and bring back into balance whatever physical, emotional or spiritual disturbances are evident.

Healing comes from within, from the very life force of our being. Plants and the vibrations of plants, through the Flower Formulas, have the ability to facilitate this harmonising and balancing process. Health is harmony, disease is disharmony. By removing energy blocks, Flower Formulas restore both body and soul to balance, the body's own healing ability automatically follows.

The above information appears with the kind permission of Dame Diana Mossop. Please contact Jane at jane_loader@btinternet.com for further information or visit the The Institute of Phytobiophysics web site at www.phytobiophysics.com


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