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What is Radionics?

Radionics is a method of sending precisely defined healing energy to people, animals or plants, no matter where they are in the world. The name reflects the view of early practitioners that they were ‘broadcasting’ healing, but we now believe that Radionic treatment occurs at a level of reality where there is no distance between us. This is a challenging concept, but it entirely compatible with modern physics and also with the ancient mystic teaching that at some level we are all one, and that at this level exchanges of healing energy can occur.

Man is considered to have physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. 
Dimensions other than the physical body are called subtle bodies.

In energy medicine, different forms of matter are each seen as having a unique frequency vibration. This is compatible with Einstein’s concept whereby matter and energy are seen to be the same thing. At the physical level these vibrations are recognisable as part of the scientific electromagnetic spectrum. At the emotional and mental level the frequencies of the vibrations are higher still and are not readily measurable by scientific means at present. Radionics assists the self-healing capacity of the patient. It facilitates a flow of energies between the body’s various levels to restore the patient to balance and good health.

Radionic Analysis and Treatment

Radionic treatment may be used in conjunction with conventional medicine or other therapies. One of its great advantages is the patient’s physical presence is not needed for treatment. In order for a practitioner to carry out an analysis and treatment, the patient completes a case history form and gives his/her consent. (In the case of children or animals the consent of the parent/guardian or owner/trainer is required). All information provided by the patient is held in the strictest confidence.

A snippet of the patient’s hair is used to act as the link (witness) between patient and practitioner. The witness provides the focus of attunement between practitioner during analysis and treatment. This link is based on the principles of Holography in which, from a vibration and energy viewpoint, a small portion removed from the whole (e.g. hair sample removed from the body) reflects the total energy pattern of the whole. It maintains a resonant link with the source over time and space. This concept is mirrored in cellular biology where each cell carries a copy of the master DNA blueprint (of the body).

While mentally tuned into the patient, the practitioner poses a series of questions in order to develop a picture of the disturbances or irregularities in the energy patterns of the patient. Feedback of the require information is through the subconscious channel of the mind. Responses in the nervous system of the practitioner’s body transform the information to conscious data by motor neurone activity which influences the response of a pendulum held by the practitioner.

From the resultant data, a Radionic blueprint of the patient’s health is built up and this will include underlying causes which gave rise to the symptoms reported. Because the analysis deals with underlying causes, it is possible to discover and treat illnesses in the early stages.

Treatment is given by directing corrective energy patterns (determined in a similar way to the analytical data) to the patient via the witness. Instruments are used to set these energy patterns in a coded numeric sequence (rate) or geometric pattern.

These energy patterns are those to which the patient attunes in order to set the healing process in motion. They may be functioning patterns for organs or subtle bodies; energy patterns of elements, tissue salts, flower remedies, colour, homoeopathic remedies; corrective patterns for psychological states; complementary (antidote) patterns for viruses or other cause of any energy disturbance; etc.

Instruments provide an external focus for the radiesthetic and healing skills of the practitioner. They have no independent function but act as an aid to the practitioner. The instrument serves to focus the thoughts of the practitioner and many types are in use, varying in complexity from computerised machines to quite simple devices.

During a course of treatment it is very important for the patient to keep in regular contact with the practitioner where possible, as this is found to strengthen the healing link between them.

Radionics, Is It For You?

Many years experience have shown that in a wide variety of cases Radionic treatment is effective in alleviating if not completely eliminating the physical or psychological effects of diseases, both chronic and acute. Long standing cases of asthma, hay fever and other allergic diseases have been helped, as have muscular, skeletal, digestive and many other problems. Mental illness, hypersensitivity and psychological states often respond well, although not necessarily quickly. Blockages in the flow of the natural health-giving life energies caused by stress can also be removed. Radionic treatment can also be helpful for those suffering chronic or terminal illness.

Patient surveys were completed in 1996 and 2003. The aim of the surveys were to evaluate the perception of the benefit that patients were receiving from Radionic Treatment, the results are available on the Radionic Association web site www.radionic.co.uk

What About Children, Animals and Plants?

All living things may be treated using Radionics. Babies, children and animals respond well to treatment and using ‘the box’ shorthand for a Radionic instrument, is commonplace in equestrian circles. (Note: There is a legal requirement for parents/guardians to obtain adequate medical care for children, and owners/trainers to obtain veterinary care for animals. Radionics is not a substitute for this.) Animals usually respond well to Radionic Treatment. The same procedure of analysis and treatment is carried out as with humans.

Radionic methods have also been successfully employed in horticulture and agriculture. Investigations into the use of Radionics in agriculture and horticulture have been in progress for some time. There are practitioners who specialise in the treatment of soil and crops and through Radionics provide a natural method of weed and pest control. It is an environmentally friendly therapy. There is no drain on natural resources or unwanted side effects.

Radionics should NOT be used as a substitute for conventional medicine or veterinary care



A Brief History of Radionics

An American physician, Dr Albert Abrams, LLD MD, first discovered the basic principles of Radionics. Born in 1863, Dr Abrams graduated from Heidelberg University with first class honours. He become one of America’s leading specialist in diseases of the nervous system, a respected teacher and writer of medical textbooks. He originated a completely new concept of diagnosis and healing by identifying the unique energy patterns of different diseases - ideas which were far beyond the boundaries of the accepted medical and scientific thinking of the time. The name Radionics is derived from the rather wordy title of Abrams’ technique which involved RADIation and ElectrONICS.

In 1924, the year of Dr Abrams’ death, a committee of the Royal Society of Medicine headed by Sir Thomas Horder investigated his basis diagnostic techniques. The committee found Dr Abrams’ fundamental proposition to be “established to a very high degree of probability”.

Dr Ruth Drown, an American Chiropractor, carried on Abrams’ work and added a further dimension to Radionics with her discovery that it is possible to treat a patient from a distance, using a blood samples as a link (witness) between patient and practitioner.

George Delawarr and subsequently Malcolm Rae carried out extensive research into Radionic rates and instrumentation to facilitate further the identification and treatment of diseases. The former verified the use of a hair sample as a witness.

More recently, in the 1970s and 1980s, David Tansley integrated Eastern and Western concepts concerning the esoteric aspects of man’s subtle bodies and the relationship of Radionics to them.

More information, including a comprehensive book list is available on the Radionic Association’s web site www.radionic.co.uk

What People Are Saying About Radionics Today

In his book, Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century (London, Piatkus, 2000) Richard Gerber M.D. writes:

"This developing science provides a whole new understanding of the far-reaching potentials of human consciousness and the hidden capabilities of the multi-dimensional human being.

It is a unique healing modality - a system of diagnosis and treatment ... It may ultimately teach us the most about the vibrational nature of healing and consciousness itself ... and aid us in releasing our own inner capacities for self-healing and healing at a distance."

The Radionic Association

The Radionic Association, founding in 1943, is the principal professional body representing those who practise Radionics. Its aim is to maintain the highest standard of professional competence and integrity among its practising members, to promote research into the efficacy of Radionics and to raise the public awareness of the therapy.

The Radionic Association is a member of the Confederation of Healing Organisations and the British Complementary Medicine Association; these are two national bodies representing the interests of many complementary medicine organisations. All member bodies adhere to a strict code of conduct which protects the patients' interests.

More information about the Radionic Association can be found on their website: www.radionic.co.uk


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